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Conference – October 14-15, 2022

Seaside High School

Seaside, Oregon

Keynote: Sandy Zimmerman, American Ninja Warrior winner

Motel – Riverfront Inn —– click here for details

ODE / Oregon SHAPE Webinar

Elementary Physical Education Webinar –

click here for the Presentation for April 7th

gettyFacebookCome join a collaboration between ODE Oregon Healthy Schools and OSHAPE regarding: Teaching physical education during COVID using best practices and safety protocols SEL/Trauma Informed and Culturally Responsive Teaching Outdoor & Lifetime PE Pedagogy Best practices for adaptive PEPD Credit: 1.5 hrs.

Register in advance for this training by clicking the link below Elementary Physical Education Best Practices for Inclusion & COVID Considerations April 7, 2022, 3:30-4:45 pm PD Credit: 1.5 hours

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.
ODE is looking for people to serve on Standards Advisory Panels

noticeODE is recruiting K-12 teachers who are teaching Health and Physical Education, curriculum directors/administrators, public health and other content specialists to serve on the Oregon Health Education Standards Advisory Panel and the Physical Education Standards Advisory Panel. Click on the links above to complete your application.  There will be 2 meetings during the summer of 2022, and approximately 4 meetings during the 2022-2023 school year (PDUs offered).  Meetings are scheduled to be virtual, and held after 3:30 p.m. during the school year.  For more information, contact suzanne.hidde@ode.oregon.gov.

Happy Hour- Virtual Adapted PE and Middle School Portfolios

Virtual Learning for Adapted PE:https://drive.google.com/file/d/19KTCuYLLBdmBdHWwXopz3uEl-FsinUge/view?usp=sharing

Seated Dance: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ejeBWH7brWz1hs0ZGPGCfWC_tHnqQzdu/view?usp=sharing

Recording link to Zoom Happy Hour:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P03b-QhPKL9tFfTaVYK9eHItsZFQlf4q/view?usp=sharing

Providing safe and effective Physical Education during COVID 19 Webinar

#3 March 11, Middle School Webinar

Presentation link – click here

#4 April 29 Middle School Webinar follow up

Presentation link – click here

#1 webinar elementary January 27, 2021 – – link for the recorded presentation
#1 webinar elementary January 27, 2021Link to presentation
#2 Follow-up Webinar of Elementary presentation, 4pm, February 22 — Link to Recording Link to presentation

Join us for a Virtual Happy Hour!

Beginning September 2021

October 14 next happy hour

Join us for a virtual happy hour.

We are excited to have a team of physical education teachers leading this webinar. This hour long presentation will include tips and strategies for how they are approaching the current school year. There will be time for Q & A after.

Mis-assigning of Physical Educators in Oregon Schools Demonstrates Gross Negligence by School Districts in Operating with an Equity Lens

It has come to the attention of Oregon SHAPE that Physical Education teachers may have been mis-assigned for the fall according to the new TSPC mis-assignment rules. Districts cite that this transition is supported by TSPC mis-assignment provisions.

The official stance of the Oregon Society of Health and Physical Educators is that these mis-assignments should be happening in a specific manner.

All Oregon districts must follow the specific tiered approach outlined by TSPC’s mis-assignment provisions, which are as follows:

A Tiered Approach (by Agency Resolution)

  1. Does the school have other staff who are appropriately licensed for the needed assignment? This means a record or list of all staff licenses/endorsements is available and was used when making this decision.
  2. If not, has the district sought volunteers to fill the mis-assignment? A district-wide communication regarding the mis-assignments is available and presented when making the decision.
  3. If not, has the district considered educators with experience or related endorsements to fill mis-assignment?
  4. TSPC will provide a Temporary Assignment Guidance Document that will include an endorsement compatibility list.
  5. Teachers on a Restricted License may not be mis-assigned.

If any Oregon physical educator has been mis-assigned, they are highly encouraged to ask for evidence that the previously listed steps were taken and this process was honored by district leadership.

Any physical educator who is experiencing this is highly encouraged to contact Julia Stevens, President of the Oregon Society of Health and Physical Educators at oregonshape.president@gmail.com.

We are sharing the following documents as resources to use in our advocacy efforts. 


“Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning” video from Elementary TOY Brack Hassell

Join Brack Hassell, 2019 Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year, as he shares his “Top 8 Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning”. Brack uses humor, wisdom, and creativity to share tips 1 through 8. Click play on the video below to watch!

PRESS RELEASE | Oregon’s Todd Stoddard named 2020 National Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year!

For more information contact: Adam Howell | 810-343-6058 | oregonshape@gmail.com 


Lakeridge Middle School teacher recognized as the nation’s best middle school physical education teacher

LAKE OSWEGO, OR, May 7th, 2020 – Todd Stoddard, a physical education and health teacher at Lakeridge Middle School in Lake Oswego, Oregon was named the 2020 National Middle School Teacher of the Year on Thursday by the Society of Health and Physical Educators of America (SHAPE America).

Stoddard was awarded the state of Oregon’s Middle School Teacher of the Year in 2018 by the Oregon Society of Health and Physical Educators (Oregon SHAPE). In 2020, Todd was recognized as the, “Western District Teacher of the Year” by SHAPE America. SHAPE America’s Western District is composed of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Stoddard was recognized as National Teacher of the Year from among five finalists representing the different SHAPE America District’s in the United States.

SHAPE America’s Teacher of the Year program recognizes outstanding teachers in physical education, health education, and dance education. He was originally nominated to be Oregon’s state Teacher of the Year by colleague, Hayley Vause. “I nominated Todd because of his time and dedication to his craft, his steadfast efforts in making our physical education program standards-based, and his passion and enthusiasm for providing a fitness-focused program here at Lakeridge Middle School,” Vause said. Stoddard has been teaching for 8 years, the last 4 at Lakeridge Middle School. Said Stoddard in 2018, “I have been blessed with a great team of teachers to collaborate with, administrators who support our program and an outstanding community that I can always count on. This has allowed us to turn physical education at Lakeridge Middle School into an experience that is educational, fun, and safe for all our students.”

About Oregon SHAPE

Oregon Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) Association promotes healthy, active lifestyles for all Oregon school-age children and youth through professional development opportunities and advocacy. Oregon SHAPE is committed to fulfilling this mission through fostering a climate of mutual respect and cooperation among members and constituent associations in order to realize mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Oregon SHAPE is an organization consisting of leaders from schools, community and public agencies, higher education, and private businesses who promote and support health education, physical education, and health promotion in school settings. We are dedicated to the health and fitness of Oregonians through quality programs in health education, physical education, dance, and athletics. For more information visit, www.oregonshape.org. Follow @OregonSHAPE on Twitter. Like us on Facebook.


“Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts” video from Elementary TOY Jordan Ng

Join Jordan Ng, 2019 Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year, as he shares some tips, tricks, and thoughts on the new climate that we are in with teaching health and physical education in a remote setting. He states that “we need to take a step back and look at the foundational piece of being in education and an educator and focus on building relationships and connections with students and families.”

Watch the video below to hear Jordan’s thoughts and see some creative activities that he does with his students.


Oregon SHAPE Conference 2020 Update

Due to concerns over the situation with COVID-19, in addition to the uncharted territory educators are currently experiencing, the Oregon SHAPE Board of Directors voted  to  have the conference in October 2022.

This decision was not taken lightly, but we feel this necessary in ensuring that we provide members with a successful and meaningful conference. Our Board of Directors is in discussions of planning potential digital conferences or professional development opportunities for those interested in the Fall.

If you have any questions, please contact us at oregonshape@gmail.com.