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Oregon SHAPE 2020 Conference Call for Proposals is LIVE!

Are you interested in presenting at the Oregon SHAPE 2020 Conference on October 9 & 10, 2020 in Bend, Oregon? Please fill out this form to submit your session proposal(s) for the conference by Friday, May 1, 2020. All sessions accepted will take place on Saturday, October 10 only.

We encourage sessions that are dynamic, active, innovative, highly informative and include the participants in the learning. Sessions need to be aligned with Oregon Health and Physical Education standards, so please plan on referencing them in your sessions. We look forward to your proposals!

The closing date to submit your session proposal(s) will be Friday, May 1 at 11:59 pm pacific time. If your proposal is accepted, and you confirm with us that you can present, your responsibilities are as follows;

  • Register for the conference by June 31st, 2019 (if you fail to register by this date, your session will be removed from the program and this spot will be opened up to another presenter).
  • Cover the costs of your own food, travel, and accommodations.
  • Bring your own activity equipment for your session.
  • Bring your own computer and appropriate dongles. We will provide a screen and projector only if requested.
  • Provide the Oregon SHAPE planning team with your electronic handouts by October 2 (send them all in PDF format). Handouts are a summarization of the information that you will be covering in your session. We encourage all presenters to have a set of handouts (PPT slides, lesson plans, etc) that we can share with our attendees.
  • Print off ahead of time any hard copy handouts that you would like to provide to your session attendees.

When filling out this form, please give thought to your session title and description because we will be using the information you submit in our conference program.

Click on the button below to submit your proposal today!

Do you have questions about the call for proposals form or the conference? Want to be part of our amazing conference planning team? E-mail us at oregonshape@gmail.com.

Early Bird Registration is LIVE for the 2020 Oregon SHAPE Conference!

We are excited to announce our Early Bird Registration is LIVE! We are getting a jump start on the conference to make it the best one yet! We are currently working on booking our featured speakers and keynote, so stay tuned for more updates!

  • What: Oregon SHAPE Annual Conference
  • When: 
    • Friday, October 9, 2020 | 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    • Saturday, October 10, 2020 | 8:00 AM – 6:00PM
  • Where: Bend, Oregon
  • Who: Health educators, physical educators, adapted physical educators, administrators, supervisors, and coordinators. 

Administrator registration is FREE! Bring your school administrator and receive a 50% rebate on your conference registration.

Registration Information:

Registration Types

Early Bird
Until September 1st, 2020

September 1st- October 8, 2020

Start of event October 9, 2020

Professional Member
*Renew or register first as a member to access

$115 $160 $190
Student Member  $45 $45 $65
Retired Educator  $75 $75 $100
Non-Member  $190 $235


KIDS in the GAME: Two “no cost” programs

Check out KIDS in the GAME! They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and aim to provide opportunities for kids to be active. They have two programs that are offered to Schools and Kids/Families at no cost to the school or family. Through one of their Partners they have a 4 year (minimum) commitment to annually receive funding for their two programs in the following states: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.

AMPED Running Program
This running program contains one rolling kit to store all AMPED Equipment supplied for 3 years includes:
  • 2 Bluetooth Waterproof wireless speakers
  • EZ Scan lap tracking system
  • Motivational feet charm incentives: silicone necklaces with 5 small charm colors, 2 large charm colors
  • cones
  • Organizing case to store charms and necklaces

More information: https://kidsinthegame.org/programs/amped/

The PASS Program
Youth sports registration fee grant.
  • Recreational sports and pay-to-play sports fees
  • Kids age 4 -18 who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch qualify for The PASS.
  • Up to $150 per kid, each season (4x a year)
  • Easy online application
  • Quick approval and check writing
  • Families can get help applying for The PASS by having a school advocate, liaison, nurse, coach, or admin apply for the family

#GivingTuesday: Send A Teacher

Today, people across the globe will be donating to causes that mean the most to them. Why? It’s #GivingTuesday!Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that was created to help unleash the power of the people to transform their communities. We are hoping you can help us transform our Oregon SHAPE community and donate to the “Send A Teacher” campaign. 

Our “Send A Teacher” campaign is intended to support sending one Oregon SHAPE member to the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. In October, we did a t-shirt fundraiser that raised approximately $400. Our goal for the “Send A Teacher” campaign is to raise $1700. All proceeds from this Go Fund me event will be combined with the t-shirt fundraiser and the Oregon SHAPE Member dues scholarship fund to pay for: Convention registration, hotel and airfare, a food per diem, substitute costs, and other associated costs for one member! 

Please consider participating in this global generosity movement that unleashes the power to you and allows you to transform your Oregon SHAPE community! Any donation will make an impact! Just click the button below to donate.


How can I be entered into the “Send A Teacher” drawing? 

To be eligible for this prize you must be a current Oregon SHAPE member and donate $30 or more to this Go Fund Me event. Not a member? Sign up by clicking on the image below. The grand prize drawing will be awarded by a lottery upon the completion of all the money being raised. If you already bought a t-shirt in our last fundraiser and are an Oregon SHAPE member, then you have already been entered into the drawing. 

Please note that you may donate to support Oregon health and physical educators through this Go Fund Me campaign and choose not to participate in the grand prize drawing.


Congratulations to Todd Stoddard, 2020 Western District Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year!

Oregon SHAPE would like to send a big congratulations to our member, Todd Stoddard, who was just named the 2020 SHAPE America Western District Physical Education Middle School Teacher of the Year! Todd was awarded the Oregon SHAPE Physical Education Middle School Teacher of the Year at the 2018 annual conference in Bend, Oregon.

Todd is currently teaching at Lakeridge Junior High School in the Lake Oswego School District. His application for the Western District Teacher of the Year was considered among many other state Teachers of the Year in the Western District. SHAPE America’s Western District is composed of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Todd was nominated in 2018 by teaching colleague and fellow Oregon SHAPE member, Hayley Vause. 

Todd presented at the 2019 Oregon SHAPE conference on October 12 and now that he is a district Teacher of the Year he will present at the 2021 SHAPE America National Convention with all of the awarded 2020 District Teachers of the Year. 

The official list of the 2020 Western District Teacher’s of the Year include:

  • Physical Education — Elementary: William Potter, California
  • Physical Education — Middle School: Todd Stoddard, Oregon
  • Physical Education — High School: Eric Davolt, California
  • Adapted Physical Education: Cindi Chase, California
  • School Health Education: Diane Farthing, California
  • Dance Education: Cami Bettencourt, California

In April, at the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention in Salt Lake City, Todd will be honored at the Hall of Fame Banquet for this award. He will then find out who will win the 2020 SHAPE America National Physical Education Middle School Teacher of the Year award. He will be considered along with the other four district finalists from the Midwest, Central, Eastern, and Southern Districts.

We are excited for Todd to receive this incredible honor! Join us in taking a moment to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Todd Stoddard!

An official press release to come soon.

Meet your 2019 Oregon SHAPE Teachers of the Year!

Oregon SHAPE’s State Teacher of the Year program would like to honor excellence in our profession by recognizing two outstanding teachers!

Elementary Teachers of the Year

  • Brack Hassell, Cascade Locks and Parkdale Elementary Schools, Hood River County School District
  • Jordan Ng, West Powellhurst Elementary School, David Douglas School District

The Teacher of the Year awards are given in recognition of outstanding teaching performance and the ability to motivate today’s youth to participate in a lifetime of physical activity. These individuals were honored during the 2019 Oregon SHAPE Conference in Bend on October 11 & 12. 

Brack Hassell
Cascade Locks Elementary School
Parkdale Elementary School
Hood River School District

Brack Hassell is in his tenth year of teaching elementary physical education and his fourth year at Cascade Locks and Parkdale elementary schools in the Hood River County School District.  Brack is an active member of his community who creates a very positive, encouraging, and safe classroom environment where students feel comfortable trying new things and where mistakes are part of the learning process. His principal, Gus Hedberg, feels he really excels at helping kids feel successful because of how thoughtful he is about his lesson design and planning which includes non-traditional physical activities such as paddle boarding and skateboarding. His influence does not stop inside his gym classroom, as Brack is an important part of his school staff where he coaches teachers in staff meetings on how to provide physical activity “brain boosts” that can be used inside the classroom.  He also partners with his PTO on a number of things. Says Hedberg, “Brack is a master PE teacher, he is an incredibly hard-working and humble individual.  He is a leader in his school in many ways and his presence makes all of us better.”

Jordan Ng
West Powellhurst Elementary School

David Douglas School District

Jordan Ng’s goal since he began teaching 13 years ago at West Powellhurst Elementary School in the David Douglas School District has been to educate and inspire all students to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. His principal, Susan Olds, notes that he holds to the principles of quality physical education instruction that supports PE standards and is engaging for all kids.  Social and emotional learning is a cornerstone of Jordan’s teaching practice.  He utilizes the John Wooden Pyramid of Success, is encouraging and works to connect with all students in his school’s very diverse community.  He is sought out by university professors every year when they ask to place student teachers under Jordan’s direction and mentorship. Ng is also a leader for health and wellness at the district level.  He has led and been a member of the West Powellhurst school’s Wellness Committee. Says Olds, “Jordan is on the District Wellness Committee and works with other district professionals to bring activities and ideas to every school in our district to support staff health and wellness.  Jordan has a deep devotion to ensuring that our staff understands how to take care of themselves both physically and emotionally.”

Send A Teacher to the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention in Salt Lake City!

The Oregon SHAPE “Send A Teacher” campaign is a t-shirt fundraiser intended to support sending one Oregon SHAPE member to the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The fundraising goal is to sell 100 t-shirts which would raise approximately $1,700.  All proceeds from the fundraiser will be combined with the Oregon SHAPE Member dues scholarship fund to pay for: Convention registration, hotel and airfare, a food per diem, substitute costs, and other associated costs.  

To be eligible to be selected for this prize, you must be current Oregon SHAPE member and you must purchase a t-shirt.  You may purchase a shirt to support Oregon Health and Physical Educators and choose not to participate in the grand prize drawing.  The grand prize drawing will be awarded by a lottery upon the completion of the fundraiser.

If the fundraiser falls significantly short of its financial goal, we will still use all proceeds to help partially pay an Oregon SHAPE member’s cost to attend the national convention.  At that time, it will be determined by the Oregon SHAPE board if a grand prize drawing is still appropriate or if a mini-grant application to be reviewed by a committee would be more appropriate.  

The t-shirt is an American Apparel (Made in the USA) red jersey t-shirt.  The Oregon SHAPE logo is on the front chest and on the back is the slogan “Gym is a place. Physical Education is a Lifestyle”. The t-shirt is red so educators who choose to wear red on Wednesdays can do so with an Oregon SHAPE t-shirt.  All t-shirt orders will be completed within two weeks of the close of the fundraiser and shipped directly to you.

The direct link to the fundraiser is: http://bit.ly/oregonsendateacher19

Want to become a member so that you can participate in the grand prize drawing? Click on the image below to sign up!