Our Team

Board of Directors

(From Left to Right)
Past – President: Adam Howell
President: Julia Stevens
Vice President of Physical Education: Cheryl Wardell
Vice President of Health Education:
Secretary: Naomi Hartl
Executive Director Ex-Officio: Gayle See
Higher Education: Jennifer Beamer
Students Representatives: Antonio McNeil
Social Media: Matt Head

Upcoming Available Positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Health

Learn more here.

A message from the Board:

In order to create exciting professional development opportunities and advocate for effective health and physical education at a state and national level, Oregon SHAPE needs a team of dedicated individuals willing to step up to the plate. We are always looking for more folks to be part of our team! Want to join one of our Ad Hoc Teams? We need you! Fill out the form below with your information and we will get back to you shortly! Thank you.

– Oregon SHAPE Board of Directors

Ad Hoc Teams

Conference Planning Team

Awards Team

Communications Team

Membership Outreach

Advocacy Team

Ad Hoc Team Sign Up Form

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