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Oregon SHAPE (formerly known as OAHPERD) is committed to supporting physical education and health professionals.

We are excited to share a new membership structure with you! In the past being a member of Oregon SHAPE was ambiguous. If you attended the conference, you were considered a member. If you didn’t, you were not. As your professional organization, we have taken steps to clearly define the benefits of becoming a member of Oregon SHAPE. Please read more to find out how you can become a member of Oregon SHAPE and what you get for that membership.

Providing the best professional learning opportunities for our members.

This means an annual conference that is designed to be relevant and meet our needs as educators. A strong membership allows us to provide the best quality learning experience possible. In addition to an annual conference, a strong membership allows us to bring satellite workshops to your region in Oregon and online learning opportunities that are absolutely FREE.

Advocating at the state level to influence policy.

With HB3141 set to go into effect in 2017-18, it is imperative health and physical educators are represented at state level discussions that influence implementation. A strong membership unites us in our efforts to ensure that the law is implemented in a way that benefits our students and respects teaching conditions so class sizes are comparable to other content areas.

Building a strong network of educators statewide that reduces isolation.

Oregon is a large state. For years, Oregon SHAPE has done a poor job in engaging professionals in the far corners of our state (e.g. Eastern and Southern Oregon). Our mission is to change this to provide an avenue for all of our professionals in Oregon to be able to connect with each other.

Why become a member of Oregon SHAPE?

Becoming a member of our state organization gives you the following benefits:

  • We are the state affiliate of SHAPE America
  • Reduced fee for our annual conference
  • Membership package (t-shirt & lanyard)
  • Discounts for select equipment vendors
  • Access to regional workshops in your area
  • Connection to professionals around the state
  • Become involved in leadership opportunities

Annual membership costs to Oregon SHAPE are listed below:

  • Professional Membership = $50
  • Retired = $25

To access this information in a handout, click the Benefits of Membership link to download.

To become a member of Oregon SHAPE click here.


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