Mis-assigning of Physical Educators in Oregon Schools Demonstrates Gross Negligence by School Districts in Operating with an Equity Lens

It has come to the attention of Oregon SHAPE that Physical Education teachers may have been mis-assigned for the fall according to the new TSPC mis-assignment rules. Districts cite that this transition is supported by TSPC mis-assignment provisions.

The official stance of the Oregon Society of Health and Physical Educators is that these mis-assignments should be happening in a specific manner.

All Oregon districts must follow the specific tiered approach outlined by TSPC’s mis-assignment provisions, which are as follows:

A Tiered Approach (by Agency Resolution)

  1. Does the school have other staff who are appropriately licensed for the needed assignment? This means a record or list of all staff licenses/endorsements is available and was used when making this decision.
  2. If not, has the district sought volunteers to fill the mis-assignment? A district-wide communication regarding the mis-assignments is available and presented when making the decision.
  3. If not, has the district considered educators with experience or related endorsements to fill mis-assignment?
  4. TSPC will provide a Temporary Assignment Guidance Document that will include an endorsement compatibility list.
  5. Teachers on a Restricted License may not be mis-assigned.

If any Oregon physical educator has been mis-assigned, they are highly encouraged to ask for evidence that the previously listed steps were taken and this process was honored by district leadership.

Any physical educator who is experiencing this is highly encouraged to contact Julia Stevens, President of the Oregon Society of Health and Physical Educators at oregonshape.president@gmail.com.

We are sharing the following documents as resources to use in our advocacy efforts. 


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