Send A Teacher to the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention in Salt Lake City!

The Oregon SHAPE “Send A Teacher” campaign is a t-shirt fundraiser intended to support sending one Oregon SHAPE member to the 2020 SHAPE America National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The fundraising goal is to sell 100 t-shirts which would raise approximately $1,700.  All proceeds from the fundraiser will be combined with the Oregon SHAPE Member dues scholarship fund to pay for: Convention registration, hotel and airfare, a food per diem, substitute costs, and other associated costs.  

To be eligible to be selected for this prize, you must be current Oregon SHAPE member and you must purchase a t-shirt.  You may purchase a shirt to support Oregon Health and Physical Educators and choose not to participate in the grand prize drawing.  The grand prize drawing will be awarded by a lottery upon the completion of the fundraiser.

If the fundraiser falls significantly short of its financial goal, we will still use all proceeds to help partially pay an Oregon SHAPE member’s cost to attend the national convention.  At that time, it will be determined by the Oregon SHAPE board if a grand prize drawing is still appropriate or if a mini-grant application to be reviewed by a committee would be more appropriate.  

The t-shirt is an American Apparel (Made in the USA) red jersey t-shirt.  The Oregon SHAPE logo is on the front chest and on the back is the slogan “Gym is a place. Physical Education is a Lifestyle”. The t-shirt is red so educators who choose to wear red on Wednesdays can do so with an Oregon SHAPE t-shirt.  All t-shirt orders will be completed within two weeks of the close of the fundraiser and shipped directly to you.

The direct link to the fundraiser is:

Want to become a member so that you can participate in the grand prize drawing? Click on the image below to sign up!

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