Meet the 2018 Oregon SHAPE State Teachers of the Year!

Oregon SHAPE’s State Teacher of the Year program would like to honor excellence in our profession by recognizing three outstanding teachers!

Elementary Teachers of the Year

  • Christy Wilson, Raleigh Park Elementary School, Beaverton School District
  • Jordan Werner, Riverside Elementary School, Grants Pass School District 7

Middle School Teacher of the Year

  • Todd Stoddard, Lake Ridge Junior High School, Lake Oswego School District

The Teacher of the Year awards are given in recognition of outstanding teaching performance and the ability to motivate today’s youth to participate in a lifetime of physical activity. These individuals were honored during the 2018 Oregon SHAPE Conference this past weekend in Bend. 

Meet our Teachers of the Year!

Christy Wilson
Raleigh Park Elementary School
Beaverton School District

Christy Wilson’s learning environment fosters inquiry and a joy of movement, two things Christy models daily. She is involved at her school on the leadership committee, at the district level as a member of the active student’s cadre developing classroom physical activity and spends time collaborating with PE colleagues around the nation researching best practice and new ways to engage her students. Her love of teaching evident daily and relationship with her students is number one. Christy is in her 17th year of teaching Physical Education and is currently teaching at Raleigh Park Elementary in the Beaverton School District.


Jordan Werner
Riverside Elementary School

Grants Pass School District

Jordan Werner may only be in his 6th year of teaching, but he has changed the way physical education is viewed at Riverside Elementary, Grants Pass School District and community. In his short time as a teacher, he has changed PE from a sports-only curriculum to one that is focused on physical literacy, positive social interaction, and cooperative learning. His PE program places an emphasis on individualized learning, cooperative learning, and physical literacy through a variety of different activities to ensure that every student finds something to value and enjoy throughout the year.

Todd Stoddard
Lakeridge Junior High School

Lake Oswego School District

Todd Stoddard has made a significant impact on the PE program at Lakeridge Junior High School in the Lake Oswego School District in just two years. Todd helps students identify activities that they enjoy doing that can be pursued outside of school and understand the importance of personal fitness. His program by guiding students through a wide variety of activities including less traditional ones like dancing and rock climbing. Tod has gained the full support of his administrators, parents, community members, students, and fellow staff members through various activities, including organizing after-school events, giving presentations, and creating personal relationships with stakeholders. Todd is in his 7th year of teaching.

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