Be A Champion!

The Oregon SHAPE Board of Directors is looking for an individual from each school district to “Be A Champion”!

Champions are individuals who;

  • advocate for health and physical education on a daily basis.
  • go out of their way to support health and physical educators in their district.
  • provide effective health and physical education programs to their students.
  • spend a few minutes each month sharing new and exciting information with their colleagues.
  • want to make a difference.

Does this sound like you? `

Yes? Continue reading.

We are looking for Champions who are willing to help us make Oregon’s education system well-rounded by advocating for strong and effective health and physical education programs.

What is the role of a Champion?

  • They are Oregon SHAPE’s liaison to the district and help us spread the word about available professional development opportunities, membership perks, advocacy updates, and more!
  • They spend a few minutes each month forwarding flyers through their in-district mail system, emailing out communication updates, and providing feedback on how we can meet the needs of educators in their district.
  • They share any new, innovative, and exciting events/activities/programs that are happening in their district so it can be highlighted on the Oregon SHAPE website.
  • They share their thoughts and feedback on the ways Oregon SHAPE can serve its members better to help us build a better picture of health and physical education in the state.

What do you say? Are you willing to “Be A Champion” for your school district and help us connect with Oregon educators?

Champions Sign Up Here!



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