#OSHAPE16: Another Successful Year

The annual Oregon SHAPE Conference took place on Saturday October 1st at Pacific University. The conference was a great success and we were very fortunate to have some of the most innovative featured guests from around the country.


The day started off with some awesome and energizing dancing lead by MacKenzie Mushel Ellis and OSHAPE board member Cheryl Wardell.

Artie Kamyia then delivered a great Keynote to #OSHAPE16 attendees!

After Artie’s awesome Keynote, breakout sessions began!

OSHAPE Board member Adam Howell did a good job of capturing the action in a variety of sessions.


Jessica Lawrence and Dawn Graf-Haight  joined us as a presenters and as vendor! Great to see you both!

The morning continued with some really engaging learning going on during  sessions!

The selfie frame was a hit! Two awesome TOYS from Washington!

The student volunteers did a great job! We were lucky to have you!

After a lovely lunch we talked about House Bill 3141 and started a Demo Slam

Sessions started up after the Demo Slam! There was a wide of variety of sessions today; physical education active sessions, health sessions, and advocacy sessions.

Twitter and other social media platforms continue to be a great connecting point for health and physical education teachers everywhere.

The PE for Every Kid (PEAK) Coalition came to chat with Health and Physical Educators about House Bill 3141

A lot of Health and Physical Educators stuck around for the end of the conference and some got lucky during the drawing! Thanks so much to Sportime featuring Spark, Gopher, Focused Fitness and The American Heart Association who donated a ton of Raffle Gifts.

We can’t wait until next years conference in Bend Oregon!

A special thanks to Pacific University for allowing us to host the 2016 Oregon SHAPE Conference at their facilities.

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