Local ESSA Forums

Hey everyone! Every region in our state is hosting a forum on the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA is replacing No Child Left Behind and the term “Well Round Education” is replacing Core Subjects. Health and physical education is part of Well Rounded Eduction! This is an amazing step in the right direction for health and physical education, however, there is still plenty of advocacy needed. This forum is a great opportunity for the health and physical educator voices to be heard regarding ESSA. Click here to learn more about ESSA, see a detailed agenda and dates of when a forum will be in you area. Again, I highly encourage you to attend and advocate for health and physical education in our state!


*Please note that the dates in the above picture have been changed on the ODE website. Please click on this link to double check where the forum closest to you will be.

2 Comments on “Local ESSA Forums

  1. Hi Colin

    Thank you for the heads up

    We want to attend but our location says TBA how do we get up to date info on this ?

    Thanks so much



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