Joel Miller: #OSHAPE15 #Physed Teacher of the Year!

k06Uhgxk_400x400 Joel Miller, an elementary physical education teacher from the Beaverton School District has become the 2015 Oregon Physical Education Teacher of the year.  Joel is in his 16th year teaching elementary PE for the Beaverton SD. For the last 4 years Joel has taught at Sexton Mountain School following 12 years at Greenway School, also in Beaverton.

Joel graduated from Gonzaga University with a Bachelors of Education in Physical Education and received a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from Portland State University.  Is is apparent that Joel loves what he does; “My passion is teaching students be physically literate athletes.” Students are exposed to many skills/athletic opportunities while focusing on playing well with others and being good sports. They become young experts on how take care of the only bodies while developing habits that help them make good choices to help live a healthy lifestyle. My strengths when teaching physical education include team games, Challenge/Invasion/Problem Solving Games, Field Days, incorporating Tech, teaching sportsmanship, and most importantly, being open to new ideas and innovations.”

Joel is known to his colleagues as a humble, hard working physical educator. Greg Lukshaitis (The SHAPE America National Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year) had this to say about Joel; “Joel Miller’s talent in PE is only overshadowed by his humanity! He is kind, positive, humble and generous. He is a pleasure to work with, and I am proud to call him a friend. He deserves this honor and everything positive that comes with it.”  

Joel has deeply contributed to the physical education professional learning community in the Beaverton School district. Currently he is part of the Active Students Task Force in Beaverton SD, where the focus is finding ways to increase physical activity opportunities before, during, and after the school day. “My school is currently part of a pilot that is looking at ways to get students moving more in the classroom with Brain Boosts to help in learning” Joel said. Cheryl Wardell (The SHAPE America Northwest District Teacher of the Year), one of Joel’s colleagues has this to say about Joel; “Our Physical Education program in Beaverton would not be where it is today if it was not for Joel Miller. He has been instrumental in developing the elementary physical education program in our district. He has helped develop district learning targets, professional development, and our PE Showcase which demonstrates what we do in PE to thousands of parents, to name a few. He is also the most innovative PE teacher I know.”

Congratulations to Joel Miller! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to improving health and physical education to not only your student’s but those within your district!

One Comment on “Joel Miller: #OSHAPE15 #Physed Teacher of the Year!

  1. As a parent of a Sexton Mtn student, I can’t tell you how happy and proud I am of the teaching staff here. Mr Miller is a wonderful example of strong, positive teaching role models for our kids! Congratulations to you for a job well done😃

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