The Oregon SHAPE 2015 Conference = A Big Success!

The Oregon SHAPE Conference took place on Saturday, October 10th at Pacific University and was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who made it possible and attended!

It was a beautiful day in Forest Grove!

Our brains were boosted by a great activity put on by Cheryl Wardell first thing in the morning!

Even the Beaverton Superintendent took notice!

Joey Feith gave an amazing keynote about the #Physed Revolution! 

He inspired others to use Twitter to connect with colleagues.

After Joey’s Keynote, sessions were underway and attendees were really engaged!

Right before lunch was the assembly meeting. We had a passing of the baton! 

Congrats to Joel Miller from the Beaverton School District for becoming the Oregon Physical Education Teacher of the Year!

After a great morning of learning we had an amazing lunch! Yum!

Right after lunch a lot of conference attendants did a demo slam!

Megan MacDonald’s awesome Keynote was next!

After Megan’s Keynote it was back to awesome sessions!

It’s very important to us to share free resources with our members and with the #Physed community! 

It was an awesome day! Check out what people said about the conference. 

See you all next year!


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