May 16th Workshop

Hi everyone! This Saturday is Oregon SHAPE’s free workshop. If you haven’t signed up please do so by rsvp Oregon SHAPE.001clicking the RSVP icon. This should be a great time to recharge the teaching batteries at the end of the school year. We plan on having some great sessions centered around teacher leadership, integrating meaningful technology in physical education, mentorship and more. Also, Greg Lukshaitis, the Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year, will be teaching an awesome adapted session.  Below is the schedule. Join us at 9:00am for a complimentary breakfast.

Below is the schedule for the workshop. Click it to get a printable copy.

Oregon SHAPE & Concordia PHE Workshop (May 16th) - Google Docs

Oregon SHAPE & Concordia PHE Workshop (May 16th) - 2

Oregon SHAPE would like to give a huge thank you to Concordia University and their generosity in hosting our Workshop



We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations to support our half day workshop!

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