Oregon SHAPE Conference Follow UP

The 2014 Oregon SHAPE conference was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it. A special thanks to the Oregon SHAPE Board of Directors for putting on a great conference. Specifically, thanks to Dawn (past president) for securing Linfield College as our location for the conference, as well as for putting in countless hours in the evenings leading up to the conference. Also, thanks to Mindy (Executive Director) who put much time and effort into registration, shirt design and many other small details that made the conference such a success. Furthermore,  thank you to every vendor that made the trip to the Oregon SHAPE conference.
unnamedAmanda Stanec did a wonderful job of presenting her keynote address on “Spinning a Web of Physical Literacy”. We were so fortunate to hear her moving and motivating address.
Here is a link to all the conference handouts. Let me know if any are missing, and I will personally contact the presenter to retrieve the handout.
Here is a link to a conference survey. Please take a few minutes to let us know what you liked, as well as what we can do better to serve you, our members.
Thanks so much for attending the 2014 Oregon conference!
I am very excited to lead Oregon SHAPE and to continue to create meaning professional development opportunities, advocate for our profession and communicate regularly with Oregon SHAPE members.
Collin Brooks
Oregon SHAPE President

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